How to keep your hair long, shiny and thick in your Thirties?

A lot of changes takes place in our bodies as we age. Although, stress reduction techniques definitely affect the chemistry of your body in a positive way, in today’s day and age of stressful and materialistic environment, we need to provide our hair with much more attention than ever before.

If you are in your thirties and your head is still flocked with hair, consider yourself a minority. More and more people are going bald in their thirties than ever before. But, all is definitely not lost. There is lot you can do to take care of your hair than you think. Imagine having those thick, vivacious appearing locks that you once had in your twenties. Can you still have them? The answer is an absolute yes. In this post, we will point exactly how to achieve that, especially if you are in individual in your Thirties or even beyond. Stay Tuned!

hair growth product malaysia
hair growth product malaysia

Diet Rich in Protein

Just like your skin, your hair needs protein on a consistent basis in order to repair themselves and keep healthy. A healthy breakfast consisting of proteins especially and vitamins is the first step you can take to make your hair grow healthy. Omega 3, Salmon, avocados and fruits will yield even much more positive result to get thick hair.

Don’t wash your hair everyday

Even though, there is no dearth of daily use shampoos that are available, we highly recommend not to use any shampoo every day, no matter how oily your scalp is. Your scalp needs to maintain healthy and essential natural oil that promotes hair growth. Forget the harsher ones, even the daily use shampoos (which are advertised mild) leeches away the important natural and healthy scalp oil.

Brush your hair frequently

Brushing your hair serves two purposes. Firstly, it improves the blood circulation in the scalp and surrounding areas and secondly, they distribute the natural essential oil to every strand of hair, allowing you to achieve a shiny and lustrous thick hair.


Exercising not only helps to achieve an optimum blood circulation to all parts of the body, including your scalp, but they also release endorphins.

hair tonic for hair growth


Sleep is an important aspect of life. It allows your body to recuperate from physical as well as mental stress from your day to day life. It is important to note that how much a better diet you take, or you run a mile for better blood circulation, stress hormones are likely to counter those benefits. Keep your mind relaxed and your body restful so that you keep the stress hormones at bay. And sleep allows that.

Water Intake

Hydration is important. More than 90% of your body is made with water. Your body is able to extract the full amount of nutrients from the food if it has sufficient water. Don’t go overboard and start drinking 3 liters of water as perpetuated in the mainstream media. Too much water (than your body requirements) puts unnecessary stress on your kidney as they have to function non-stop. Drink as much water as you need, but don’t go thirsty for a long period of time.

The Gene Myth

Contrary to the popular myth, gene only determines the hair texture and curls. The quality of hair depends on the diet, stress level and more importantly, the perception of an individual. While we may argue about the importance of diet and quality rich foods, there are beggars in the street roaming around with although, dry, rusty and frizzled hair (due to their lack of nourishment), the full flock of hair on their head depicts that other factors are also at play in keeping your hair thick and healthy. See the below image to understand what we want to convey.

Quality Hair growth oil made with natural and organic sources

While you definitely need diet and positive perception, you can aid your hair with a reputed  hair tonic for hair growth Malaysia. Dr Nabisar’s hair growth product malaysia has acquired several positive reviews as it is made from the natural sources. If you would like purchase it, then do check out our website.

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