Five home remedies for Lice that actually work, Lice Lotion treatment

Even though Lice does not cause any disease, and their presence does not indicate that they individual stays unhygienic for most of the time, yet their presence on the head causes nothing short of irritation. Constant itching and scratching on the scalp can disrupt the peace of mind of an individual. There are lots of home remedies about Lice that are believed to work. In this post, we will six lice home remedies that provides significant results. Stay tuned!

Applying essential Oils

Before trying out the essential oils, you can check whether they are allergic to your skin by applying a drop of it onto your hand. If there is no unwanted reaction, rest assured that you can apply it on your scalp with ease. Essential Oils such as Neem, Peppermint, Aniseed oil are proven to be highly effective for lice treatment. Also make sure that you comb your hair frequently in order to remove away the lice and their eggs.

Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum Jelly acts as a deterrent. It is absolutely best to apply it on your head in the night time. The lice in the head are likely to be dead in the morning. A simple combing will then remove all the dead Lice from your scalp.

Benzyl Alcohol

When it comes to killing away all the lice with ease, nothing comes close to Benzyl Alcohol. Simply apply few drops of Benzyl Alcohol on your scalp and leave it there for a couple of hours. A simply combing will then easily remove the dead lice. Make sure to repeat this procedure at least 4 times in a month i.e. one time per week.

Baking Soda

Baking soda has served various purpose for thousands of years and one of its usage it to effectively destroy the lice on your scalp. One can effectively use in conjunction with the conditioner. If you do not want to use an anti- lice shampoo, then we highly recommend to use a Baking Soda.

Mixture of Salt and Vinegar

Salt is a powerful anti-septic. You might have applied it on your wound probably at an early age. The burning sensation it causes clearly depicts its powerful anti-septic nature. Vinegar prevents the lice to get hold of your hair strands. A mixture of both salt and Vinegar will provide undeniable lice removal. The mixture will also help in treating the dandruff too.


The presence of ingredients like Lemon, Vinegar and egg yolk makes Mayonnaise a powerful home remedy for lice treatment.

Not using chemical treatments

The time we are living in, there is high probability of adulteration in every cosmetic item. This is why it is important to opt for the home remedies for lice treatment instead of the chemical one. However, when the lice problem becomes severe, it is must to seek professional advice.

When it’s time to visit a Doctor

Although, there are a number of home remedies for treating the lice effectively, sometimes a medicated treatment is needed in severe cases. If after months of home remedy treatment, you are seeing any positive result, then we highly recommend you to visit a specialist like a dermatologist.

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