Contemplating to use Stevia instead of Sugar? Check these Stevia facts.

Stevia has long been advocated as a replacement for sugar. Not only it has extremely less amount of calories than sugar but its consumption also is also eco-friendly. There are people who are hesitant to use Stevia instead of sugar as it is not advertised heavily in the mainstream media. Our intent in this post is to highlight the benefits of Stevia. Stay Tuned!

Almost No Calories

Apart from having almost zero calories, Stevia also has glycemic load of, yup, you guessed it right, Zero. This is particularly useful to the ones who suffer from Diabetes. Reputed studies show that added sugar constitutes of more than 14% daily caloric intake for the kids and adults of United States of America. The number is nowhere too high, but it still is not a healthy indicator at all. This is where Stevia outweighs sugar massively.

It is also important to note that people who consume more sugar (sucrose) are more likely to have nutritional deficiencies.

Note :If we go into technical details, Stevia does contain Calories, but of different molecules than that of known calories. However, after getting digested in the large intestine, they are eaten up the bacteria rather getting dissolved into the blood stream. So yes, one can say that there that the body does not gain calories from Stevia consumption.

Eco-friendly and lower carbon footprint

Growing Stevia requires extremely less land and other vital resources in comparison to growing sugar. Typically, only one fifth of the land is required as compared to that of sugar. This is due to the fact Stevia is too much sweet and hence even a gram of Stevia is enough to produce sweetness of nearly couple of sugar spoons. According to reputed research, the carbon footprint of Stevia stands at  nearly 80 % lower than in comparison to High Fructose corn Syrup (HCFS) and almost 60% less with respect to Cane Sugar.

No artificial ingredients

There is no need of artificial ingredients to make or preserve Stevia. With the absence of Carbohydrates, calories and other ingredients, you could say that Stevia offers tons of Health benefits. Stevia can be used for cooking, baking and studies have even documented that it does not have any impact on the blood sugar levels.

Stevia Health Benefits

After a lot of reputed studies and research, conclusive evidences do suggest that Stevia provides health benefits contrary to the popular perception (promoted by quack doctors mainly) that it can be harmful. Stevia is known to reduce blood pressure and blood sugar.

Sugar, on the other hand, gets converted into fat, downgrades the immune system, and is not good for bones and teeth also.

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If you have been contemplating about using Stevia, then your health is likely to be benefitted. Stevia in appropriate quantities has not shown to cause any adverse effects. The artificial sweeteners (which are advertised as a substitute of sugar) are in no way as good as the Stevia.

Other alternatives

There are even more substitutes of sugar (sucrose). Pesticide free honey, Organic whole cane sugar, Organic coconut Sugar are some of the renowned alternatives for sugar apart from the very best Stevia.

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